Vintage Glam Meets Modern Woman

Vintage Glam Meets Modern Woman

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Bridgette Bardot.  Women who serve as inspiration for Bianca Navarro, a young artist entering the world of beauty and fashion.  An artist turned hair stylist has a knack for blending 50’s glam with a modern flair.

“I am really into vintage 50s, I like those styles because men and women dressed up in that era. They would do their hair and makeup just to do a few errands then pull down the curls for evening plans.  There was a real attention to detail.”

Modern Glam with Pin Curls Bianca Navarro

An artsy person overall. She always wanted to paint and draw. She actually started out in fashion design but eventually found herself doing hair.

“When I would do up-do on myself and girlfriends, people would tell me I was so creative and from there it has always stuck with me. I enjoy being able to be creative.”

The 50’s is about glamour and femininity. Straight hair was a no-no, nearly all women curled their hair.  When you look at Bianca you see Selena Gomez mixed with Rita Moreno.  She is chic with a laid-back attitude.  Her expertise is in makeup and pin-up hairstyles.

Exploring the art of hair color 

I want to not be scared about color, I want to be creative with color.  You mix color and you want it to come out a certain way.  You see, color is like art when you paint you have to keep playing around with it until you find the right mix. Your hair is like a painter’s canvas and I enjoy taking the artistic journey with my clients.





Meet Bianca

Her favorite services – Balayage, haircuts, barber cuts

Want to be a hair model? Bianca is looking to perfect her craft in hair color, highlights or fashion color for a discounted price. Call Jovance for more information.

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