It’s all about the Treats – Jovance Treat Card Program

Jovance Treat Card

It’s all about the Treats – Jovance Treat Card Program

We are thrilled and excited to launch our innovative client loyalty program with our Jovance Salon & Barbering family.  After many interviews with clients who have been loyal to us from the beginning, as well as, new clients joining us this year.  We have developed a loyalty program that rewards you in the best and most personalized way.

With your new Jovance Treat Card you earn a point for every dollar you spend.   Upon your visit, our front desk team will scan your card to check for treats that you can add to your service.   What makes this even more special is that the Treat Card remembers the types of services you get and will recommend treats on the kinds of products and services you enjoy most.

We also have some exclusive private events happening in the New Year.  Events for both men and women that are absolutely FREE.  Enjoy a Beauty Night In event with sips and sweets paired with facial treatments, hair tutorials and nail services.  Or for the guys, an evening in The Suite where you can enjoy men’s services on the house.  To receive your invite, you just need to redeem your Event Treat.

Earning treats are easy. If your service costs $100, then you earned 100 points. It is that simple. Make sure to subscribe to our Jovance newsletter and follow our Facebook or Instagram for double point days.  You can make an appointment on a double point day and your $100 service just earned you 200 points.

As we are rolling out the program we have only one minimum requirement.  To ensure we are rewarding our most loyal clients and providing the best service. We require that you have an annual spend of $250 to qualify for the program.  This enables us to provide personalized services, luxurious events and overall, really give you a wonderful experience.

Feel free to inquire about the Jovance Treat Card program at your next visit.  Or send us an email


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