Make Your Salon Style Stay

How to Make that Salon Style Stay

Make Your Salon Style Stay

Walking out of the salon with a fresh cut and style is one of the best feelings. You feel unstoppable and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Now, if there was a way for us to keep that feeling for more than one day….And there is!! We interviewed master stylist, Molly Carter, and she shared her tips and tricks for making that salon style stretch a little longer.

Salon to Gym

If you have fine and straight hair, then keep your dry shampoo on stock. It is really important to get your hair off your neck by putting it up in a high bun or ponytail. Just make sure the tips of your hair do not touch the back of your neck. I recommend the Save your Do head wrap or any moisture wicking headband. It does a great job getting your hair off the front of your face. When you get home, spray some dry shampoo on your roots and do a quick blow dry to freshen it all up. It will give you an extra 2 days of lasting style.

If you have textured hair, I also recommend you wrap your hair in a ‘Save your Do.’ I highly recommend it. If you have time, then pin curl your hair and then put on your headband. When you get home, take off the wrap but leave in your pin curls while you shower off. Wait for your hair to completely dry from your sweat, then take out the pin curls.

Make it Last While You Sleep

Bun it – Want to keep those subtle waves and curls. Tie your hair up with a loose bun before you call it a night.

Wrap it – Want to keep your hair straight and prevent your hair from curling. Use a wrap!

Pin curl it – Want to really make those curls last. Roll it or use some type of soft roller or flexi rod. The most comfortable and effective tactic is to pin curl it. This way you are not sleeping on a roller and it’s won’t be super tight.

5 Tips for healthy hair from a Master

  • Do a deep hair treatment once a month
  • Make sure you get a trim at a salon every 8 – 10 weeks
  • Make sure you are not using too much heat (heat every day on your hair is not good)
  • Be careful of hair tension, for example, if you wear your hair in a tight ponytail, don’t wear in the same spot. Rotating your ponytail can help prevent breakage and hair loss
  • Use hair products that do not have a lot of alcohol or additives in it.

Products you are loving right now 

I am loving the brand Moroccan Oil, they have a wide range of unique products.  I especially like their hair masque, moisture and repair shampoos.

Get to know Molly

She is known for:

1.  Blonde Hair

2.  Special Occasion Up-dos

3.  Thermal styling on textured hair

Follow her on Instagram @molly_k_carter


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