How to Make Your Manicure Last

How to Make Your Manicure Last

Chipped nails are the worst, you find yourself trying to hide that one finger or casually use the other hand.  Master nail specialist, Valerie Houston, shares her 6 steps to make a manicure last.  We are talking 7-10 days of chip-less finger tips.  These steps can be done easily from home or you can visit Jovance to get the best-of-the-best in manicures.  This is a method where water is not needed, that means you do not soak those fingertips.  This is called a dry manicure.  Dry manicures have multiple benefits, for one, your polish will last longer and actually it is more sanitary.

Step 1 – Manicure prep 

Wash your hands and remove your old nail polish.  File your nails into your desired shape.

Step 2 – Clean up the cuticle area  

I must stress, DO NOT take the cuticle off.  When you take the cuticle off, this means cutting or even scarier, tearing it off.  Which can give you painful slivers from your cuticle and up your finger.   Instead, first lubricate with cuticle oil that has vitamin E or an almond or mineral oil.  With practice you will learn with your naked eye, how much and how far up, you should trim your cuticle.  So make sure you push the cuticle back and trim gently.  In the salon, we use a special tool that will buff out cuticle calluses without having to cut your cuticle.

When you are finished apply 90% alcohol onto your nail bed.  This makes your nail bed dehydrated; this strips your nail bed of moisture and makes nail polish stay longer (works for your toes too!).  Make sure you use 90% alcohol, (that’s right! Not 70% or 80%)

Step  3Brush on glue or gel resin brush on – you can do either.

Buff with small buffer and brush on 2 coats of glue. This coats your natural nail, but doesn’t hurt it.

Step 4 – Add Cuticle oil and wash

Step 5 – Apply a base coat

Apply ‘hard as nails’ base coat (2 coats), then apply the polish of your choice.  Do 2 coats and make sure to it let dry in between.  Finally add a diamond dry top coat, Sally’s Fast Dry is really good. By the time you do one hand the other hand should be dry.

Step 6 – Maintenance

Every other day put a coat of clear for the next 5 days.

Your manicure will last 7 – 10 days.  Once you make this regimen a habit your nails will get used it. Just like your hair, your nails start to learn that there is a routine going on.

Valerie’s Product Recommendations

  1. Hard as Nails base coat
  2. Diamond dry top coat

For professional services – ask for Japanese gel, DND and Perfect match


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