Great Cuts in a Great Environment

Great Cuts in a Great Environment

When you walk into the salon, make a quick right and you enter the home of the Jovance Barbers or fondly known as the VIP room.  Space is inviting and as you take your seat you are greeted by Bradford Kelly.  Bradford is engaging and lighthearted and wants to make sure everyone feels comfortable.  One core difference at the Jovance Barber Shop is its attention to the culture and environment.  Brad shares his experience with working for other barbershops and what he does differently at Jovance.

Barbershops are Personal

A Barbershop should be very friendly place.  Open and engaging, the client is able to be apart of everything that is going on. Everyone can participate in the conversation.  There is usually casual banter between barbers and clients because of the friendship that has been developed. To call a Barbershop “Your Barbershop” means that you relate to both the environment of the shop and your barber.

Good conversations happen in the “VIP room.”  We talk about everything from financial management, historical events, to jazz musicians and their legacy, the riddle of the day, current events, and why the Golden State Warriors are NOT my favorite team even though I grew up in the Bay Area. The Jovance experience is what sets us apart. My goal is for people to say “Man… I can see myself there! I can get a great cut in a great environment.” says Bradford.  

Getting the Environment right.

First thing is that everybody should be acknowledged and feel welcome.  I’ve visited and worked where you can feel the awkward tension, sense of favoritism and overall lack of feeling welcome due to your nationality says, Bradford. The worst is when you had to change the channel because it wasn’t appropriate for children and their moms.  The show shouldn’t have been on there in the first place. I knew that it wasn’t the place for me.

I try to create an environment where everybody can get to know each other.  I do my best to introduce everyone who enters the shop. If it is quiet in the room, it is because the personalities in the room prefer it to be quiet and that is ok. At any moment someone can spark a conversation and the whole shop is engaged.  Everybody feels welcome.


Meet Brad Kelly

In 2005 I started barber college and prior to that, I was looking into becoming a real estate appraiser.  I quickly figured out that I do not like computers but I still like people.  I joined my cousin in barber college only to give me some time to figure out what I wanted to do. Once I got in school cutting hair came naturally to me, seeing angles, understanding face shapes, different tools for different textures, the theory and practical information was easily retained by me.

Choosing as my career was not so easy, I knew I wanted a sense of freedom to control my own destiny and quality of life, which is my work schedule and my financial potential.  I also wanted to give back to my family, friends and those in the community directly by the things I accomplished daily at work.  

While in Barber College I saw the pro’s and con’s, I weighed the things I valued most in my life and being a barber fit who I was as a person. It was the best career for me and coming to work at Jovance Salon and Barbering in 2008 has been my best career decision.








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