Beware of the Box Color Fiasco

Beware of the Box Color Fiasco

@HairCanvas – Athena Hill

I put the soft black in my hair and it looks black but the picture didn’t show that.”

“OMG…How can I fix this, this is an emergency!!!”

Yes, it’s the case of the ‘box color fiasco.’ When we think we can become expert colorists in a few hours, only to be left feeling shocked and frazzled that the color on the box is nowhere near the color you are now donning.   Expert colorist, Athena Hill says,

 “Don’t try to fix it yourself because you are going to create a bigger problem, that $5 box just may have just cost you hundreds of dollars. ” 

But why? Why are we tempted to use this box hair color?  Is it the low price, illusion of a fast fix or is it simply the picture on the box was just too hard to resist?  We all have done it at one point in our lives and felt the regret in the pit of our stomachs. I sat with Athena to find out what happens to the health of our hair when we use drugstore hair color and what we should do if we need to find a professional to fix it.

Athena, what is your favorite service?

Color correction has become my thing; I love a challenge.  Color correcting is like a puzzle, it’s different for each client and creating a plan to get them to their desired look is a challenge I enjoy.  It is my favorite because it isn’t just about correcting, but also keeping it healthy.

When is it ok to use a box hair color? 

I typically say it is never good to use a box hair color, however, I know some people may need it just to touch up their hair. For example, some of my clients’ hair grows back quickly and they want to hide gray edges, especially if the rest of their hair is dark.  I recommend using sprays or come into the salon and we will have some solutions for you.

Why is using box color regularly bad?

When you put box color or any hair color in general, say a dark color for example, you keep pulling it through and what happens is that it will start to turn black.  This is one of my favorite analogies, it’s like putting tons of layers of paint on a wall.  Then I now want to put wall paper, then I decide to paint over the paper and now I don’t like it and add another layer.  What happens now is that you never removed all those layers and you have to sit and chisel through all the layers you created. This could potentially be damaging your hair.

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent color?

Semi-permanent does the same as permanent as far as color build up. It is just a more translucent hair color; it doesn’t permeate all the way through the hair like a permanent color.  It’s meant to live on the top layer.  For example, if I put on black sheer stockings you will see my skin underneath, if I put another pair of sheer black stockings I just made that a bit denser. There is still a little sheer but it has started to get darker.  Same concept as earlier.

If I’m thinking about getting my color corrected, what can I expect at a salon? 

  1. Be open and have a thorough discussion with your stylist.

Ask them: What could my hair look like? How do you think my hair is going to respond? Your stylist might not have all the answers but through discussion both of you can create a plan.

  1. Be realistic that it is not an overnight fix

Your hair may be damaged, if you want to keep those long tresses you may have to come in a few times more to get trims and styling until you receive your end result look.

  1. Make sure your day is pretty open, it can take a few hours

Color takes time and there is a certain amount of time that is needed for the chemical to work properly. Depending on the color, if you are going from really dark to really blonde it will take a view visits because no one wants to sit in a chair all day long.

Below is a client of Athena’s who went from a bright green to natural blonde.  She came in for frequent maintenance appointments to get her hair back to a healthy state after removing the green color.   It took a year, but with Athena’s plan she was able to achieve the look she wants and make sure she looked good throughout the process. If you need color correction make sure to book your consultation with Athena.

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